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Monofeya Governor: Immediate removal of illegal constructions on agricultural lands in Monofeya during Eid-ul-Adha
Strict measures against violators
Abu-Laimoon: intensified food inspection campaigns, filing 618 cases in Monofeya
Tighten measures to control foodstuff and oil outlets to provide safe food and available oil.
Gov. Abu Laimoon receives NBE and Misr El-Khair officials at his office to support schools
On the sidelines of the inauguration of Shebin El-Koum Distinguished School, after getting the first place in “The Genius” TV competition program 2019
Abu Laimoon: the wave 15 continue to remove land encroachment, no compromise in the state rights
Gov. Abu Laimoon stated that the total cases of encroachment on state and agricultural lands removed amounted to 1342 cases in Monofeya since the start of the 15th wave until 18 February.
The 16th convoy of the Presidential Initiative "Nour Hayat" for eyesight launched today
HE Mr. Ibrahim Abu Laimoon, the Governor of Monofeya praised the role of the Viva Egypt Fund and the Armed Forces in implementing the presidential initiative "Nour Hayat" (Light of Life) that targets all citizens
Monofeya to start receiving requests from companies wishing to subscribe to waste collection system from the source
Within the framework of the Gov. Abu Laimoon plan to improve the system of hygiene and environment
Abu-Laimoon to call Grace Primary School in Ashmoun after the martyr Ali Hussein El Kafrawy
Gov. Abu-Laimoon affirmed the keenness of the executive bodies to maintain all aspects of support and full care for the families of the martyrs.
Abu Laimoon: Lifting 3,500 tons of demolition and disinfection products on the Qasid Canal, Shebeen El-Kom
As a priority of Menoufia Governor to improve the environment and preserve the aesthetic and civilized appearance,
Abu-Laimoon signs a protocol with the NSPA to operate the Capital Mall
Concerning management and operation of the commercial center "the Capital Mall" which is located on an area of 2598m2 in Shebin El-Koum
Gov.Ibrahim stresses the need for the necessity of field presence in the street and preventing the presence of garbage gatherings next to schools, hospitals and government departments.

The heads of local units stressed the need for carring out field work and presence among citizens until ten a.m.

Gov. Ibrahim directs the removal of waste in Talaat Harb Street and head of Hay Gharb was there till the end.

On his way to check out Abu Kharita factory.

Abbas Lay the Foundation of a New Faculty of Veterinary in Monofeya
Gov. Abbas and President of Menoufia University lay the foundation of a Faculty of Veterinary and its expansions in Tukh Tunbisha, Berket al-Sab’
Monofeya Youth To Participate In Upgrading Roads Efficiency
In an unprecedented step, Monofeya supports youth to engage in upgrading roads efficiency plan.
Abbas receives President of Al-Azhar University and his deputies

Mr. Abbas presented the Shield of the Governorate to the President of Al-Azhar University

Mr. Sa’eed Abbas An ambitious plan to develop the internal transport facility on several axes in a specific time period.

Including the repair and maintenance of all broken buses and upgrading their efficiency, which includes the number of 10 cars in stages.

The implementation of the 7th convoy of the presidential initiative (Noor El-Hayat) to detect the causes of weakness’ and loss of vision

The most needy and targeted cases were identified within the initiative through social research in coordination between the Directorate of Social Solidarity and Orman Association in the governorat.

Mr. Sa’eed Abbas, inaugurates Kafr EL Arab wastewater treatment plant

At an estimated cost (40) million pounds

Mr. Sa’eed Abbas, inspects the mobile outlets of the National Service Projects Authority to sell goods at discounted prices .

During his tour in Bagour

A New Cardiac Catheterization Unit at Ashmoun General Hospital at a cost of EGP12m
27 catheterization operations have been performed since operation
HE Mr. Saeed Abbas delivers financial assistance to 138 cases of liver patients in Shebin El-Kom

During his assistance, Mr.Saeed praised the level of medical services provided to patients.

Three medical convoys for serious treatment at the University Hospital in Shebin El-Kom and medical examination on 698 patients for free.

During October

HE Mr. Saeed Abbas inspects The Technology Zone in Sadat city in preparation for its opening

To see the completion rates

Rashad at Abu Kharita for final stages

The Secretary-General checks the implementation of the Abu Kharita plant construction stages on the ground.

Clean up campaigns and lifting 298 tons garbage collection at the center of Tala
In accordance with the directives of Menoufia governor
Removal of encroachment on agricultural land area of 1167 m 2 in the center of Menouf
As a continuation of the intensification of immediate campaigns to remove encroachments on agricultural land and state property
Menoufia governor receives the youth march to celebrate World Environment Day
Under the slogan "Air Quality"
Manofia governor confirms the continuation of surprise inspection campaigns to tighten market controls
Manofia governor confirmed the continuation of surprise inspection campaigns in various areas of the province to reduce the illegal acts
Menoufia governor receives delegation of Italian company BioEnergy
Menoufia governor discusses ways to upgrate national projects in the governorate
All details related to the operational status of the projects that have been carried out,suspended projects and all obstacles were presented
Menoufia governor inspects Dunchway Museum in El-shohada and President's Museum Sadat in Tala
In preparation for celebration of the National Day of the Governorate
Menoufia Governor congratulates the staff of the Governorate on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
The governor directed that more effort and performance should be done to the honorable level in accomplishing the work to save the time and effort of the citizens and to achieve the highest rates of discipline
Monofia Governor delivers contracts for projects winning the competition "Key to your project
The winning projects in the competition in Menoufia are a project for the manufacture of sports equipment and a project to manufacture bags and each project will receive a loan worth 100 thousand pounds.
Governor and Advisor to the Minister of Housing for Utilities Affairs, inspecting drinking water and sanitation projects in Menoufia
The governor welcomed the presence on the land of Menoufia, stressing that the province in full of its executive machinery is working to make a tangible breakthrough on the level of all services
Governor witnesses the draw of the Hajj for humanitarian cases
Menoufia Governor congratulated the winners, stressing the provision of all means of support and care to enjoy the performance of Hajj rituals as well as continuous communication until they return home safely.
Governor delivers the Ramadan Box for the eligible groups
The Governor of Menoufia stressed the importance of community participation for its vital and effective role in serving the citizens through providing various aids and contributions in various fields.
Governor with citizens in parks to celebrate the Spring Festival
Monofiya governor confirmed that full coordination was held with all executive bodies in the governorate to provide an atmosphere of security and safety throughout the province to bring joy and pleasure to citizens
Governor to honor the Veterans and War Victims families
From his part, the governor of Menoufia expressed his happiness for taking part in the ceremony, explaining that honoring the families of martyrs is a duty and original right and we knew about the sacrifices made by the martyrs.
Monofiya Governor attends the celebration of Taha Shubra Village in the day of orphan child in Al-alya village.
At the end of the ceremony, gifts were distributed to 150 orphan children of Taha Shobra Village.
Menoufia governor visits one of the patients from the general staff and inspects Shibin El Kom teaching Hospital.
Menoufia Governor insisted on the need for permanent cooperation between all the executive bodies in the governorate and civil society.
Menoufia Governor honors 19 perfect mothers from the headquarter Staff
The director of the Women's Affairs department explained that the honoring included 19 ideal mothers from the staff of the public office, including 8 perfect moms, 9 female workers and 2 mother role models.
Menoufia Governor chairs the monthly meeting of the Regional Board of Health
At the end of the meeting, Mr.officer Saeed Abbas, Menoufia Governor, stressed that the aim of the Regional Health Council is to unite efforts and exchange visions to improve the level of medical services provided to citizens.
Governor of Menoufia meets with the Executive Chairman of the General Authority for Investment
Menoufia governor welcomed all investors in the province, stressing that the executive bodies in the governorate are working to provide all necessary facilities for serious investors and overcome problems and obstacles
Abbas holds a meeting to discuss ways of impediments to investment in the industrial zone in Quweisna
The meeting discussed the latest developments related to the central sewage treatment plant in the region
Assistant Secretary General Monoufia honors the winners of the initiative (Think -Create – Be positive) in the Parliament Hall of Youth and Sports Directorate in Shebin El-Kom
Major General Alaa Youssef honored the Youth Center for the achievement of the first place in the initiative and give him certificates of appreciation and amounts of money as well as honoring the rest of the teams in recognition of their excellence in the activities of the initiative (think - creative - be positive)
Governor of Menoufia and Minister of Trade and Industry inspecting the governorate pavilion at Cairo International Fair
This came during the inauguration of Eng. Amr Nassar, Minister of Trade and Industry for the Cairo International Fair in its 52nd session with the participation of 300 local and foreign companies in almost all countries
790,000 EGP total financing of 120 economic projects in Menoufia
Dr. Ayman Mokhtar confirmed the need for continuous follow-up of heads of centers, cities and local village units for projects and the extent to which they achieve their goals.
Menoufia Governor Witnesses the activities of the First National Conference of Pharmaceutical Informatics at the Pharmacists Syndicate in Shebin El Koum.

Mr.officer Said Abbas, Monofia Governo stressed that the centers of pharmaceutical informatics are a fundamental pillar in building a health system based on scientific research and modern data.

Prime Minister visits an exhibition of handmade products for the villages of Menoufia

Madbouli listens to the problems of industrialists and directs the Governor of Menoufia to prepare perceptions of solutions and offer them to the Council of Ministers.. And confirms: ready to support you

Governor of Menoufia inaugurates the exhibition of craft and service cooperative products at Shebin El Koum stadium
The Governor of Menoufia presented the shield of the province to the Minister of Social Solidarity, received by Chancellor Adel Al-Beksawi, and the President of the Union presented the Book of God as a souvenir to the governor of Menoufia
Work on the construction and civil works of the garbage recycling plant in Abo Khareta

The Secretary-General, accompanied by the Dutch expert, the British Arab Society for Dynamic Industries and the Environment Department, will visit the field on the ground

Menoufia Governor: sanitation is my top priority and emphasizes the activation of community participation and civil society institutions in the completion of drainage projects in the governorate.

He also pointed out that dialogue and communication with civil society organizations will lead to new ideas

Under the title (differently capable)

 Governor of Monofia participates the celebration of the International Day of People with Disabilities in the village of Al Elya in Shebin El Koum

Governor chairs his first meeting of the Executive Council and stresses the need to remove all infringements on agricultural land and state properties
Governor directed the heads of the local units to follow the work progress within the government departments daily
Through achieving Egypt's vision of sustainable 2030

Assistant Secretary General attends an awareness workshop on the modern concepts of Law 182 of 2018

In response to the instructions of the President of the Republic

Governor of Menoufia inaugurates "100 million health" initiative to eliminate the virus and detect diseases that are not effective in the governorate

Menoufia Governor honors the participants at the 5th Cairo International Fair of International Innovation.

The 5th Cairo International Innovation Exhibition was organized by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, which aims to create conducive environment to innovate and apply scientific research outputs.

Monufia Secretary General hold a meeting to discuss the latest preparations to combat bad weather waves .

Secretary General stresses on coordination between all concerned sectors to end all procedures taken to combat floods and heavy rains, as well as taking all precaution procedures to face the winter.

Mokhtar reviews the situation of the central processing plant
in Quweisna Industrial Zone (QIZ)
Abbas holds the first meeting of urban planning council

 Menoufia Governor  confirms (history of Monufia is priceless)

Monofeya Governor receives citizens outside MG headquarters to listen to their complaints
Monofeya and the Ministry of Defense to face disasters and crises
Abbas holds a meeting to discuss the implementation of the 100 million health initiative to fight Hepatitis C
Mokhtar discusses the maintenance of electricity networks
Monofiya: Tyre store fire under control, no casualties
Abbas to members of Mostakbal Watan Party "Community participation is the only way to solve problems"
Abbas closes private hospitals in Tala and Ashmoun for violating the law
A citizen thanks the Governor for solving his complaint
Governor of Mounofia issues new movements of localities
What was achieved through "we are One" initiative
Secretary General ensures lifts safety
Secretary General discusses the establishment of a plant to recycle construction waste
"WE ARE ONE" initiative to get legal documents in Menoufia's needy areas
Abbas visits Liver Institute in Shebin Al-Kom and emphasizes the good treatment of patients and their families
Monofia’s Agriculture Dep.: Elimination of 18 cases of encroachment on agricultural land in Sadat City
Governor discusses the ongoing projects with heads of cities and districts in the governorate.
A delegation of judges’ club congratulates Menoufia governor on his new position
Abbas approves the promotion of 30,240 teachers in Menoufia
Abbas closes incubators, labs; and unclean flour bags in a macaroni factory
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