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15 new vehicle arrived to support the solid waste system , at cost of approximately 23 million Egyption pounds

In the context of strenuous efforts made by the Governor of Monofeya since assuming the Governorate and his constant efforts to raise the quality of the sector for improving the environment in the governorate and to provide a safe and clean environment for Monofian citizen

4 Treatment convoys to check on 320 patient for free and spending 5 tons of meat for the most needy families around the governorate

To provide all the aspects of support and medical care to help the most needy citizens and in implementation of policy leadership

Monofeya Governrate wins the first position over the republic in the local development competition for the best database system
The governorate won the best application for a decision maker support system
Monofeya governer meets a family with 3 childern suffering from muscular dystrophy and decides to give them a financial reward
in the light of the implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic to provide the families most in need with full support and care in order to provide the with a good and secure life
19 heart surgeries and 1162 eyeglasses for free to families who need help all over the governorate
the manager of Orman Organization clarified that the organization finished 19 open heart surgeries and catheter and stent installation for free 
The governer of Monofeya tightens of raising the level of readiness to cope with the bad weather and immediate handling with emergency situations
Meteorological Authority expected that Egypt will face unstable weather  
Banning entry of citizens who don't have Corona vaccine to government services starting from 1 Dec,2021
 starting from 1 december 2021, applying to council of ministers decision
After one year ago , Monofeya governer is checking out the first international school and he confirms that it's a huge educational edifice and it's a strong addition to the educational system

The governer is checking out the firsh international school in Monofeya governate  with usufruct system

Monofeya Governer is checking out Al-Sadat centeral hospital and he decides to gave financial rewards for who work at dialysis and Corona isolation departments ,The governer concluding his visit to Al-Sadat University and discusses the latest construction
Monofeya governer is checking out hospital departments and make sure that the work is in order
The Monofeya Governer orders to give a quick financial assistance and provide a suitable home for a family lives in a tent in Bagour's streets
the governer meets some of humanitarian conditions in Bagour to seach for their complains
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