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Menoufia governor receives the youth march to celebrate World Environment Day
Under the slogan "Air Quality"
Menoufia governor Sa'id Abbas, received this morning the celebration of World Environment Day 2019 under the slogan "Air Quality", which was launched in front of the city council of Shebin El Koum and even the governorate bureau. With the participation of the head of the local unit of Shebin El Koum city center and agents of the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Social Solidarity, Education and the Director of the Environment Department in the governorate. Menoufia governor welcomed the President of the Central Department of Information and Environmental Awareness on Monofia. The discussion was discussed about shedding light on the dangers facing the environment and educating the citizens of the governorate and students of universities and schools towards modifying the behaviors and habits in keeping with the objectives of preserving the environment and public health. Responsibility for the preservation of the environment. Menoufia governor pointed out that the executive bodies in the governorate have taken great care in the environmental sector and work on implementing all initiatives and awareness campaigns in coordination with the Ministry of Environment in order to reduce the risks of environmental pollution by reducing the accumulation of waste in the streets and not burning them. Awareness and awareness towards the responsibility of preserving the environment and public health Source: M.M.C Date: 21-7-2019
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