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Removal of encroachment on agricultural land area of 1167 m 2 in the center of Menouf
As a continuation of the intensification of immediate campaigns to remove encroachments on agricultural land and state property
In continuation of the intensification of the immediate campaigns to remove the encroachments on the agricultural land and state property in coordination with the security forces to maintain the agricultural area within the scope of the governorate and to implement the directives of Major General Said Abbas, Governor of Menoufia by applying the law to all and taking all legal procedures against violators without any exceptions Accountant Ragab Al-Nikii, head of the local unit of the center and city of Monouf, said that a large scale campaign was carried out to remove the encroachments on the agricultural land in the scope of the center. The campaign resulted in the elimination of 6 cases of encroachment on the area of 661 square meters, The removal of the number of cases of infringement of the facility Sultan 300 square meters, stressing that ongoing follow-up to take immediate action on the land on the agricultural and the removal of irregularities in the cradle For his part, Major General Saeed Abbas, governor of Menoufia, stressed to all heads of centers, cities and neighborhoods and all executive leaders to follow up periodically and take legal action against violators and infringers on agricultural lands and state property. He stressed that there is no negligence in the state's righ. Source: M.M.C Date: 22-7-2019
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