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Clean up campaigns and lifting 298 tons garbage collection at the center of Tala
In accordance with the directives of Menoufia governor
In the framework of the directives of Mr.officer Sa'id Abbas, Menoufia governor, to intensify cleaning campaigns and remove the concerns and raise the efficiency of the system of cleanliness and beautification of fields by the governorate, the local unit of the center and city of Tala implemented 45 large and consolidated campaigns for hygiene and urban development and lifting 298 garbage gatherings in all villages and local units within the scope of the center The head of the local unit of the city center Tala said that 363 environmental records have been released to preserve the work done and the completion and non-return of environmental violations and take legal action against violators For his part, Monofia governor said that the governorate will spare no effort to upgrade the system of cleanliness and beauty by supporting the local units and centers and cities with the maintenance of equipment and machinery and maintenance of existing equipment periodically to maintain the appearance of decent and civilized. Source: M.M.C Date: 23-7-2019
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