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Rashad at Abu Kharita for final stages

The Secretary-General checks the implementation of the Abu Kharita plant construction stages on the ground.

Maj. Gen. Alaa Rashad, the secretary-general headed to Abu Kharita area in the West District of Shebeen El-Koum, to know the final situation and discussed the mechanical and civilian works of the sorting line to the machinery pressure and the shape of the plant.

He also inspects the path of pipes located in the private Rizqa canal, to the east of the plant, where it was agreed with the owners of the agricultural land in the area to replace and renew the path of the canal in the same direction a meter and a half near the factory wall. Gen. Rashad gives permission to overcome all obstacles that impede the work process of the plant and to adhere to the timetable set for the completion which helps in achieving sustainable development.

It is worth mentioning that the factory is built on an area of 5 acres with the latest technology and with a production capacity of up to 500 tons of garbage per day. It will include an integrated production line for the process of sorting according to the environmental, health and scientific requirements, in addition to an integrated production line to carry out the process of sorting according to advanced scientific methods to ensure utilization of this waste.

Source: MMC

Date: AUG .20, 2019

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