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Abbas receives President of Al-Azhar University and his deputies

Mr. Abbas presented the Shield of the Governorate to the President of Al-Azhar University

Mr. Abbas, received Dr. Mohamed Hussein Al-Mahrasawi, President of Al-Azhar University, Dr. Tariq Salman, Vice President for Graduate Studies, and Dr. Mohammed Abu Zeid, Vice-President of the University for Maritime Al - Azhar University for inspection of the university branch in the governorate.

Mr.Abbas welcomed Al-Azhar University President and Vice-Presidents on the land of the governorate  and stressed the value and stature of Al-Azhar since the ages of history, praising the continuous and continuous cooperation between the governorate  and Al-Azhar University, which is one of the oldest and oldest universities, including a distinguished elite of scientists at the level of the Republic.

Mr.Abbas also stressed that Al-Azhar University has an active role in sustainable development, and community service and revive  scientific and knowledge links to build a new generation of scientists characterized by moderation, tolerance and moderation.

For his part, President of Al-Azhar University thanked the Governor of Monofiya Ali Hassan for the warm reception and support of the faculties of Al-Azhar University in the governorate. Facing the State's efforts in achieving the desired development.

Source: M.M.Center .

Date :- 18/11/2019

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