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Monofeya Youth To Participate In Upgrading Roads Efficiency
In an unprecedented step, Monofeya supports youth to engage in upgrading roads efficiency plan.

Gov. Abbas held a meeting to discuss the plan of upgrading the efficiency of a number of roads in Monofeya in cooperation with the armed forces and some volunteering young people, to be familiar with the efforts to be executed and co-participants in fulfilling them. Such group of volunteers will be engaged in responsibility for their thoughts, to monitor cost and follow-up work. The Directorate of Youth and Sports managed to select a variety of young people from different segments of society and a leader for each group to communicate with the authorities in regard to supervision and implementation rates in the projects. The group includes a civil engineer; students of engineering colleges, in order to provide the project with technical supervision and other specific and clear tasks will be assigned to the youth groups to ensure the effectiveness of their participation in supervision.

The Governor stressed the importance of fruitful and constructive cooperation between the executive bodies in Monofeya and the armed forces in order to raise the country's position in various fields, pointing out that Egypt attaches great importance to youth through its involvement in the country's efforts towards achieving sustainable development.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary-General of Monofeya, Deputy Military Adviser, heads of local units, cities and neighborhoods, directors of directorates, engineering consultant of the governorate, the President of the Regional Union of NGOs in Monofeya, representatives of Monofeya University and Delta University in Quesna, a group of youth, and a number of directors of departments of Monofeya General Bureau.

Source: MMC

Date: 26/11/2019

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