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The 16th convoy of the Presidential Initiative "Nour Hayat" for eyesight launched today
HE Mr. Ibrahim Abu Laimoon, the Governor of Monofeya praised the role of the Viva Egypt Fund and the Armed Forces in implementing the presidential initiative "Nour Hayat" (Light of Life) that targets all citizens
Governor Abu Laimoon affirmed that the medical convoys which are organized within the presidential initiative "Nour Hayat", launched by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and implemented by the Viva Egypt Fund in cooperation and coordination with the armed forces and the Orman Association in Monofeya will go on to uncover the causes of weakness and loss of vision. The governor declared that the convoy will be launched on February 20-21, in the Bagour City Youth Center, and 1,200 citizens from all over Monofeya are scheduled to be examined. Sayed El Shourbagy, Director of the Orman Association in Monofeya, explained that the sixteenth convoy aims to inspect the most people in need in the governorate, to deliver free treatment and eyeglasses for cases that have been found with eyesight weakness and loss of vision, to measure pressure and sugar, in addition to transferring the cases requiring surgeries to the Monofeya Military Hospital for free. The targeted cases are identified through social research in coordination with the Directorate of Social Solidarity. The Governor praised the role of the Viva Egypt Fund and the Armed Forces in implementing the presidential initiatives, "Nour Hayat", targeting all citizens and providing the necessary support to the most needy groups, stressing his full support to the Viva Egypt Fund and providing all aspects of support and facilities for the success of the initiative within Monofeya to achieve its targets. Source: MMC Date: 20-2-2020
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