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Abu Laimoon: the wave 15 continue to remove land encroachment, no compromise in the state rights
Gov. Abu Laimoon stated that the total cases of encroachment on state and agricultural lands removed amounted to 1342 cases in Monofeya since the start of the 15th wave until 18 February.
A number of 529 cases of encroachment on state land were removed with an area of 58484 m2, and number of 813 cases of encroachment on agricultural land with an area of 275 acres and 10 carats in various regions of the state were removed. Gov. Abu Laimoon stressed the continued implementation of wave (15) at the governorate level, stressing that there is no compromise on the right of the state and will be resolutely addressed to any infringements on the land of the governorate in order to preserve public and private property. This comes within the framework of implementing the directives of the President of the Republic in coordination with all state agencies to preserve public and private property and eliminate encroachments on it. Source: MMC Date: 19/2/2020
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