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Abu-Laimoon: intensified food inspection campaigns, filing 618 cases in Monofeya
Tighten measures to control foodstuff and oil outlets to provide safe food and available oil.
HE Governor Abu-Laimoon announced that 618 ration cases were filed all over Monofeya during the ration campaigns, in order to tighten control over bakeries, markets, shops and oil depots in order to preserve the rights of citizens. Atef El-Gammal, Director of Supply and Domestic Trade Directorate, explained that intensive food inspection campaigns were launched in Monofeya during the period from February 14 to 20, resulting in the filing of 158 bakery violations as lack of weight and non-conforming, 216 market violations as lack of price lists, expired commodities, exceeding the official selling price and absence of license; as well as filing 244 cases of oil products. El-Gammal added that some of the most prominent issues were the case filed against an owner of packaging and mincing frozen meat factory for the possession and use of chicken bones in manufacturing 448 kilograms of minced poultry which are not suitable for human use in Tala, as well as the case of a butcher shop in Kafr Dawood, Sadat City for the possession and selling of 18 kilograms of unfit for human use meat slaughtered outside the state slaughterhouses. A misdemeanor case was also filed against meat and frozen fish refrigerator owner for the possession of 45 kilograms of fish and meat not suitable for human use, a case was files against a veterinary product and feed factory in the industrial zone of Quesna for the possession of 2 tons of animal feed of unknown source, and another case was filed against a factory owner in the Industrial Zone for the possession and selling of 1 ton of anonymous sulfate potassium. Governor Abu-Laimoon stressed that all legal measures will be taken against violators to protect citizens against any manipulation.
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