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Monofeya Governor: Immediate removal of illegal constructions on agricultural lands in Monofeya during Eid-ul-Adha
Strict measures against violators
Within the directives of Major General Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Limon, the Governor of Menoufia, campaigns and daily follow-up actions are on progress to deal immediately with illegal construction, by removing at the very early stages, and to take all legal deterrent measures against violators in coordination with the security authorities concerned. Engineer Ashraf Saad El Gamal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Menoufia, explained that during the period from 30th of July to 3rd of August 2020, 18 encroachment cases on agricultural lands, amounting an area of 8 carats and 9 shares, have been removed all over the governorate and legal measures were taken against violators. The Governor of Menoufia has stressed the need for periodic follow-up and intensification of the enlarged campaigns to remove all violations, apply the law to all without exceptions and deal firmly with all violations to deter construction violators, agricultural land and state lands and properties encroachers. Source: MMC Date: 03-08-2020
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