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Menoufia: Weekly follow-up of the implementation rates of decent life projects

The importance of continuous monitoring of all implemented projects


In light of the directives of Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Limon, Governor of Menoufia, to follow up the patrol for all projects of the Decent Life Initiative in the governorate, to determine the percentages of work implementation and to overcome all obstacles to completing the work on the projects according to the specified schedule, today Major General Imad Youssef, Assistant Secretary-General of the governorate, held a meeting, in the presence of officials of the Hayah Foundation Karima in Menoufia, heads of Ashmoun and Al-Shuhada centers, and representatives of the service directorates of gas, health, youth, sports, educational buildings, and the Egyptian Communications and Health Authority, in implementation of the directives of His Excellency the President of the Republic to improve services provided to citizens .

At the beginning of the meeting, the Assistant Secretary-General stressed the interest and follow-up of the Governor of Menoufia in all the projects being implemented in the initiative, directing the heads of the Ashmoun and Al-Shuhada centers to prepare reports on the work done in all sectors and document it with a film material to determine what has been accomplished on the ground.

During the meeting, the executive position of the development projects being implemented on the ground in the rural villages of Al-Shuhada and Ashmoun centers was reviewed, as well as the current position of procedures for allocating land for the initiative projects from the state authorities .


For his part, the Governor of Menoufia stressed the importance of continuous follow-up to all projects that are being implemented, stressing that all aspects of support for the initiative and to improve the level of services provided to citizens in the Egyptian countryside in order to provide a decent life.


Source : Menoufia Governorate Media Center

Date :8/9/2021


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