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Through achieving Egypt's vision of sustainable 2030

Assistant Secretary General attends an awareness workshop on the modern concepts of Law 182 of 2018

Major General Alaa Yusuf, Assistant Secretary General of the Governorate of Mounofia attended  awareness workshop on the modern concepts of the law of organizing contracts concluded by the public bodies Law (182) for the year 2018 through the implementation of the vision of Egypt 2030 and organized by the Ministry of Finance, The presence of accountant Hassan Shaker Khader, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance in Menoufia and accountant Akram Hamid Abdel Dayem Secretary General of Menoufia University and Mr. El-Tori Assistant Secretary-General for Finance at Menoufia University and Directors of Contracting, Procurement, Administrative and Legal Affairs Department.

These workshops aim to formulate the executive regulations of the law with a comprehensive vision that ensures the elimination of any discrepancy in the application and the establishment of unified concepts for all law dealers.

Hassan Shaker -Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance in Menoufia also pointed out that this law aims to tighten the control and achieve economic efficiency to manage state resources and control and rationalize public expenditure and fight corruption, thus reducing the burden on the state budget by automating governmental procedures to facilitate and simplify the executive work and the principles of transparency and governance and equal opportunities, Achieving the objectives of the economic reform program and achieving the

sustainable development strategy "Vision of Egypt 2030


Source :- M.M.Center .

Date :- 2/12/2018 .


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