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Menoufia Governor honors 19 perfect mothers from the headquarter Staff
The director of the Women's Affairs department explained that the honoring included 19 ideal mothers from the staff of the public office, including 8 perfect moms, 9 female workers and 2 mother role models.
Mr.officer Saeed Abbas honored 19 ideal mother of the staff of the public office, this came during the ceremony honoring the ideal mother and mother of the example of 2019, organized by the Department of Women Affairs in the public office at the Creativity Center in the region, where began the celebration of the National Peace of the Arab Republic of Egypt and recitation of the verses of the wise male. The governor thanked all the mothers pointing to the ability of the Egyptian mother to withstand the pressures and burdens and even overcome them is a symbol of sacrifice and giving, stressing that women are a key partner in achieving development in various fields, and that this celebration comes in honor of the efforts of all mothers who have condemned their role and challenged The reality is that they are sacrificed for their children to highlight the values of giving and fulfilling. In conclusion, the Governor of Menoufia distributed certificates of appreciation and financial prizes to the honoured mothers in advance to congratulate all the Egyptian mothers for their efforts, efforts, sweat and sacrifices in order to build society and dedication to the love of the nation. Source:M.M.C Date: 1/4/2019
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