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Abbasi Mosque: It was built in the reign of Khedive Abbas and renewed several times, most recently in 2000. It is located next to Crescent Hospital in Shebin El Koum

Mosque of Sidi Khamis: It is located in front of the main railway station in Shebin El Koum, It is a significant Islamic building.

Sidi Shibl Al-Aswad Mosque: It includes the shrine of Sidi Shibl ibn al-Fadl bin Abbasi cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as well as some martyrs of the Islamic conquest. It is considered an important religious place frequently visited by Sufis from all over the world, and those interested in the Islamic monuments. It is located in the City of Shuhada.

Omari Mosque: It is located on a hill in downtown Ashmoon on an area of 862 m2. It was built in the Ayyubid reign and reconstructed at the expense of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and became a tourist site.


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