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Tourism in Monofeya

Tourism in Shebin Al-Koum

Shebin Al-Koum is the capital and the central district of the governorate surrounded by all other cities and marakez. It’s an important center of transportation. It has government bodies, a university, the public town hall of the governorate, the Security Directorate and the other directorates and services. In it, there are many historical and industrial sights.


Historical Sights:-

Al-Abasi Mosque was built in the era of Khedive Abbas. It was renewed many times. The last time was in 2000 A.D


Sidi Khamees Mosque:-opposite to the main railway station and is considered an important Islamic sight.

There are many churches and historical monasteries such as:

Saint George Church, Church of the Virgin in Shebin Al-Koum, Bishop Sarabamon in Batanoon, Malak Monastery in the village of Honein following the Local Unit of Ostbary, it has a private hotel for its guests.


The Historical Palaces:-

Khaleel Al-Gazzaar Palace (currently the Monofeya University Headquarter)

Abdel-Aziz Pasha Fahmi in Kafr Al-Meselha

Shebin Al-Koum Secondary School for girls in Montaza Street.


The Tourist Villages:

Venisia Village in Shebin Al-koum:in it there are 300 workers, employees and tourist guide. It contains some chalets for residence, 2 wedding halls,20 rooms and 45 beds. It was inaugurated in 1995.

·         Movie Moon Tourist Village: On Quweisna-Shebin Al-Koum Road.

·         Al-Aliaa Tourist Village on Montaza st., Shebin Al-Koum

·         Child’s Park in Kafr Al-Meselha: established by the help of the authority of refreshing tourism.

·         Child’s Park and Al-Khaledeen Park in Shebin Al-Koum.

·         Historical Park: in Shebin Al-Koum combining Islamic and Egyptian monuments and still under construction.



Tourism in Berket Al-Sab'

Berket Al-Sab' is on the north-east of Monofeya governorate on Cairo-Alex Subway passing by Cairo-Alex Railway so it has a great role in activating tourism through the governorate .In Berket Al-Sab' there are many classic buildings such as the villa of Tawfeek Qunsuwa, the villa of Al-Sayed Nasr and many famous mosques such as the mosque of Al-Sheikh Mansour and Sheikh Abu Al-Ata and Abu Al-Nour, in additions, there is the great mosque in Shentena Al-Hagar which was established in the era of Beibars .


Beside what were mentioned, there were many other sites such as:

-          The beach of Shebin Al-Koum City on the east on 150ms.

-          The beach of Shebin Al-Koum  City on the west on 450ms.


There are also some barks such as:

-          The public park on the west of the city on the area of Al-Kafra on 4500ms.

-          The park before the center of youth on 150ms .

-          The National Park in Shentena Al-Hagar village.


Tourism in the city of Monof

Monof City has been the capital of Monofeya since the Arab conquest until 1826.it is located on the western side of Shebin Al-Koum city. It enjoys some ancient sights which could be considered historical antiquities:

-       Remises II painted frontage of an old building.

-       The fort of Netus from the Roman Empire.


In addition, there is a painting in The Ancient Museum in Cairo from the fifth year of the era of Mont bah discovered in “Al-Koum Al-Ahmar" in Monof city and was transferred to the Ancient Museum narrating the victory of Egyptians over Libyans.

Besides, there is Zawyat Razin with its special religious symbol of Sufism and anchorites who desire to live away from people for worshipping.


Thus, the city of Monof could be considered an important historical markaz in the governorate that attracted most tourists either from inside or outside the governorate.


The landmarks in Ashmoon

Ashmon is surrounded by some borders, Damietta from the East, Qalubiyya governorate and Rasheed branch from the west. It has 13 local units, Sobk Al-Ahad , Samadoon, Sakiat Abu Shaara, Sentrees, Grees, Talia, Tahwai, Shatanouf, Shanshour, kouras, Ramlat Al-Angab, Shama, Doura.

Historical Sites in Ashmoon City:-

Al-Omary Mosque:

Position: Over the old hill in downtown on 862sm .It was built on the Ayyubite age and was re-established on the cost of the council of Archeology and has become a tourist antiquate.


The Greek Area: in the pharaohnic Village and some remains of the old hill that return to the Greek and Roman eras.  


Tourism in the city of Al-Bagoor

Al-Bagoor city is located in the south east of Shebin Al-Koum City. Some of its famous sights are 'Kenz Area” in Sobk Al-Dahaak, it's a historical place with an underground cellar. It's located beside “Sidi Musa Mosque”, in addition to other five ancient mosques:

-       Al-Arb'een Mosque

-       Salah Al-Deen Mosque.

-       Shehab Al-Deen Mosque.

-       Mazroo' Mosque.

-       Sidi Younis Mosque.

In each of these mosques, there is a shrine of its sheikhs, on the other side it has a Zawia called “Agooz Zawia” beside the shrine of Sidi Ali Al-Ghazi in Subk Al-Dahaak.


Tourist Places in the City and Markaz of Al-Shuhada

The Deneshwai Museum

This museum exists in the Village of Deneshwai, Al-Shuhada Markaz. It was inaugurated in 1999 by Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, the Egyptian first lady, on the 93th anniversary of the Denishwai Massacre. It contains historical documents and tools used in farming like Shadufs and waterwheels. It consists of five halls for showing the historical resistance of the Egyptian people in general, and the Deneshwai Massacre specially.


The Sidi Shebl Al-Aswad Mosque

The Sidi Shebl Al-Aswad Mosque contains the shrine of Sidi Shebl son of Al-Fadl son of Al-Abaasi, cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him.  Also it contains some other martyrs of the Islamic conquest. It is considered an important religious place to visit.


Landmarks in the city and Markaz of Sirs Al-Layyan

The Public Authority for elder-learning

Glass Factories


Historical Places in the City and Markaz of Tala

-       Abdel-Moneim Bey Palace: on an area of 1600 m.

-       St. George Church: in the village of Tukh Dalaka (a village follows administratively Tala Markaz). It was built on an area of 913 m. It began its services for the first time in the 8th century.

-       The Virgin Church: in the village of Tukh Dalaka. It was built on an area estimated by 1019 m. It began its services in the 15th century.

-       Al-Baramus Monastery: in the village of Tukh Dalaka. It was built on an area estimated by 2498 m. It began its services in the 19th century.

-       Tel Al-Bendariyya: in the village of Zawyyet Bemam. It was built on an area estimated by 26030 m. It began its services in the Roman Empire age.


Tourist sights and places

-       The house of the late president Anwar Sadat: In the village of Meet Abul-Koum. It was built on an area estimated by 67200 m. It has become a museum since 1997 (known as Sadat Museum).


Industrial Places

-      TalaTex: in the city of Tala on an area of 4500 m. It began its production in 2000.



Tourist Places in the City of Quweisna

The City of Quweisna has a number of tourist places to visit such as...

1-The Monofeya Tourist Tower

The Monofeya Tourist Tower was built in 1961 on the outskirts of the City of Quweisna as a tourist sight for the tourists, visitors, and newcomers. It was built on an area estimated by two feddans and contains a lot of a garden, a wedding hall, restaurants and cafeterias. It consists of two stories. It serves delicious dishes that satisfy its goers. About 100 clerks, workers and cooks work there to meet all guests there.


2-Ezzeddin Cafeteria

Ezzeddin Cafeteria lies on the main road. It consists of two storeys. It was built in 1984, on 2500m. It serves oriental meals and confectionery.


3-Wahab Star

Wahab Star lies in the City of Quweisna. It was built on an area of 210m . It serves different dishes and takeaway as well. It has a tourist license.


4-Wahab Stars

Wahab Stars is a tourist village between the City of Banha and Quweisna. It was built on an area of a feddans and three qirats. It contains a garden, a restaurant and a wedding hall.




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