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About Monofeya
Monofeya Governorate

 (Arabic: ‏محافظة المنوفيةel-Menofeyya / el-Monofeyya) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northern part of the country in the Nile Delta, to the south of Gharbia governorate and to the north of Cairo. The governorate is named after Menuf, an ancient city which was the capital of the governorate until 1826.

Establishing governmental complexes in the villages of Ashmoun as part of the "Decent Life" initiative
Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Limon, Governor of Menoufia, revealed the continuous follow-up of all projects that are being implemented within the presidential initiative "A Decent Life",
A medical convoy examine 1085 patients in Sadat
The comprehensive curative medical convoy in Al-Salam Village, affiliated to Sadat Center, in Menoufia Governorate, , took all preventive measures and necessary precautionary measures and followed methods to combat infection,
Vaccination of approximately 142,000 head of cattle in Menoufia
Dr. Adel Abdel Moneim, Director of the Veterinary Medicine Directorate in Menoufia, stated that the vaccination of 141 thousand and 916 head of cows and sheep has been completed, representing 69.9%, out of a total of 203 thousand and 149 head of cattle in the governorate,
Menoufia: Financing 80 economic projects with 616 thousand pounds
Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Limon, Governor of Menoufia, revealed the financing of 80 economic projects, with a total of 616 thousand pounds in various fields,
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